The idea to launch a SUP brand on the market was born in 2017. Our great sport became more and more popular at that time and we wanted to be a part of it. What was missing, in our opinion, was a brand that always strives to provide the best material at the best prices. That is why we have focused on pure online sales in order to pass on the saved margins to you. 
At the same time, we wanted to be more than "just" another brand in the global water sports market.
That is why, in addition to the "Penguin" brand, the idea of the "Penguin Ambassador" was born. The "Penguin Ambassador" helps us bring our brand to where the Stand Up scene lives - at and on the water.
Our goal is to create a community with our brand. The name "Penguin" should not only stand for a supplier of high-quality Stand Up Paddle Equipment, but "Penguin" would like to develop a community. A community made up of all paddle enthusiasts who love the SUP as much as we do.


A start has now been made in many places in France, Germany, Poland and Spain where the first Penguin Stations offers the possibility to become a part of our Penguin community. Here you can put our high-quality products to the acid test and convince yourself of the quality. This station should be the starting point of a community that knows neither language nor country borders, but this will only succeed by convincing paddle-enthusiastic people of our idea and of course of our Penguin products!


Therefore, we need you as our Penguin Ambassador!
You can find more information on the Ambassador Area of this website!