About Us

We are the Penguin Watersports Colony

When Stand Up Paddling established itself as a water sport a few years ago, we missed a brand that offered high quality equipment at a fair price. So in 2017, we founded Penguin Watersports.
With our SUP brand, we not only pursue the goal of selling a professional product, but also want to be where the SUP scene lives: on the water and by the water! Just like penguins, our Ambassadors are meant to establish a colony that is held together by their shared passion.
Our stations in Germany, France, Poland and Spain are the starting point for a community that knows neither language nor geographical barriers.

Above all, safety is at the top of our list. Thus, we have a production partner who carries out its quality controls far above the average.

We also always try to involve you as customers and ambassadors in the product development, because who else could give better positive or negative feedback than YOU!

Become part of the community!